What our Users are saying about ForestDefender.  

  • "The great thing about the website is that one can find all the applicable instruments related to the listed countries in one place."

  • "This tool anticipates users’ broad and specific concerns and impressive efforts is made to effectively respond to the concerns. It is indeed a user friendly, comprehensive, educative, well-researched close to a one-stop-shop, for forest and rights related instruments. I will certainly encourage Indigenous Peoples to make use of the tool."

  • "The website is incredibly intuitive and extremely handy to use, it has been of great use for my studies."

  • "The link to grievance mechanism for addressing concerns and the Accountability mechanism, highlighting the requisite procedures and centers of effective command/mandate, all point at windows of opportunities and provide stepping stones for action for would be aggrieved parties."

  • "En mi ámbito profesional interactúo con actores diferentes y sin duda la información y el sitio mismo es útil para mis estudiantes de Derecho Ambiental."

  • "Seguramente es una herramienta útil, no solo para los profesionales del derecho, sino que para todos os interesados en el tema de bosques y derechos humanos en general."

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